Pallavi is one of India’s most innovative jewellery designers. Her individuality is inherently visible in her designs. Her design journey has been all about discovery, growth and self-mastery. Design urges her to challenge conventions in her craft. Her creations are all about fashion, attitude and great craftsmanship.

Pallavi has created many a masterpiece and has won several awards and accolades for her avant-garde designs.


  • Winner of the Bright Sparks Diamond Jewellery Design Competition, by DE BEERS – 2000 (Pallavi was selected while she was a student at NIFT)
    The two products that won in this competition are: -
    (A) Wedding necklace in white and yellow gold, using 1047 diamonds.
    This wedding necklace is called Sparkles of Joy, and it celebrates the bonding of soul mates.
    The jewellery piece uses trillions, which are triangular shaped diamonds.
    (B) Bangle Bag (a bangle with a detachable bag) made in white gold and silk, has 182 diamonds set in it.
    This is a unique concept for a woman who likes to be different and celebrates her individuality.

  • First Prize at the Indian GURLZ Diamond Jewellery Design Competition 2001, for designing a unique fashion jewellery accessory.

  • Selected amongst the 100 finalists internationally, for the Gold Virtuosi 2002, for designing an ensemble inspired by animal fur.
    This piece was handcrafted, and it encaptures the beauty of animal fur in gold, with due respect towards saving the wild life on our earth.
    Made of 22k gold "FUR" includes a neckpiece, a stole, anklets and ear studs, weighing approximately 1.5 kg.
    It took almost 2 months to manufacture this set at the Tanishq factory.

  • Selected as a Young Achiever by MTV (Music Television) 2003

  • Winner of the Unidesign / DTC- ‘Design a Dream Contest, July 2003’ in the Professional Category.
    The jewellery piece redefines the seven stone clusters, and gives it a new look and dimension.

  • Winner of the “Swarovski Elle Décor Design Award 2003”, for innovative use of crystals in lighting design. Product: Chandelier - “WEB LIGHT”

  • Winner of the “Swarovski Elle Décor Design Award 2004”, for innovative use of crystals in lighting design. Product: Chandelier - “ROBBED”

  • Third Prize in the International Titanium Design Competition 2004, for a necklace, which uses many colors of titanium, titled “The Chameleon”.

  • Selected in the DTC- Indian Collection called “Diamonds-2004”
    This jewellery piece is a Neckwear called the Odyssey, which depicts the adventurous journey of a diamond, which takes many years to be formed.
    The necklace romances with the female body as it is wrapped from the neck to the shoulder,
    using black and white diamonds to bring out the contrast in the best possible way.

  • Selected among the 32 finalists across the world for an Italian jewellery design competition called “Gold Sign”, by the Vogue Magazine.

  • Winner of Business World / NID Design Excellence Awards 2004
    Category: Best Accessory Design (Jewellery Design) Product: Aamra Collection for Tanishq
    Jury Speak: (regarding the collection) The best combination of industrial design and traditional crafts.
    It has a distinct Indian identity and is sophisticated.

  • The Tahitian Pearl Trophy India 2005
    1st Prize in Pendant Category. Name of product: SEAM

  • The Tahitian Pearl Trophy India 2005
    2nd Prize in Necklace Category. Name of product: FROST

  • Winning prize in the 10th Samshin International Diamond Jewellery Design Awards 2006

  • DTC India (Diamond Trading Corporation) Design Competition 2006
    The 2 winning jewellery pieces are:
    1. Indian Street (Neckpiece)
    2.Illusive mediation (Earpiece)

  • JDI International Design Awards, Hong Kong (2006/2007)
    Name of product: FROST (Neckpiece)
    Selected among the 11 best jewellery pieces in the world

  • DTC Trend Forecasting in India 'Diamond Next – Trend 2006'
    Selected as one of the three award winning designers,
    to be a part of the esteemed design team for DTC’s Diamond Next 2006
    invited by Ms. Devika Gidwani
    1. Circle of Hope
    2. Culture Cirsscross

  • Shortlisted for the Business World / NID Design Excellence Awards 2005
    Category: Best Accessory Design. Product: Hope Collection (Jewellery Design)

  • Nominated as the Indigo Woman of the Year in Bangalore, India. (March 2008)

  • Pallavi's design called the Pagoda was featured in the Signity International Watch Design Competition in June, 2008.
    Jewelled watch called “Pagoda”, was inspired by the Pagodas found in Nepal and India.
    A pagoda is a tiered tower with multiple layers and in India, this architectural structural form is mostly found in places of worship.

  • Finalist in the International South Sea Pearl Design Competition 2008, for designing an earring called the “Golden Dew” using Unique Golden Pearls.

  • JCK Jewelers Choice Awards 2009
    Finalist: Lotus Collection (Flipping Flowers)

  • WJA Diva Awards July 2009 (Honorable Mention in the Red Carpet Category)
    Product: Earring (Inspired by the Taj Mahal)

  • 2nd Prize in the Saulbell Design Award 2010, in the Bead Category.
    Name of Necklace: 3-Space

  • Pallavi was featured on the cover page of the India Today, as a ‘Game Changer’ in the September 2011 issue.
    She was a part of the 35 young achievers who broke the rules and made a difference.

  • In Jan 2012, Pallavi was featured in a Coffee Table Book called the “Trailblazers of Bengaluru’’ which featured 28 entrepreneurs of Bangalore.

  • Awarded as “The Best Designer”, instituted by the South India Jewellery Show (SIJS) in 2011.

  • In 2010 Pallavi showcased her collection "Organzo Curves" at the India International Jewellery Week, Mumbai.

  • In 2011 Pallavi showcased her collection "Pristino" at the Wills India Fashion Week, Delhi.

  • Pallavi was featured in the list of great designers, by the World Gold Council (please see the link below)

  • In 2013 Pallavi got featured in an article by the World Gold Council.

  • Pallavai was a Speaker at the ‘Future Trends 2014’, held at Mumbai on 26th Feb 2014. It was organized by GJEPC
    (Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council). She delivered a talk on the topic ‘Design in India'.

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